Tuesday, January 22, 2013

To-Do List Campers

Do you ever have those things on your to-do list that just sit there and never get done?

I use the NotePad feature on my phone to make my grocery lists and to-do lists and I have some that are almost a year old! (not groceries!)

Usually the things on my to-do list that don't get done are the ones that are boring and would not be fun. It's easy to bypass them with a project that is only two minutes new because it would be more fun. The boring to-do items just camp out like those fabulous stilettos in a pregnant girl's closet.

That's not the case for this old to-do item. I finally painted the train table. This holiday weekend was all about getting those to-do list squatters off my list.
The train table being painted was not going to be boring at all. Sometimes things hang out on the list because they are tedious; but the painting wasn't that either. I just had to find time! Time when Little JCrew didn't want to play with his trains (which is all the time now.) And a time when Mr. Brigglesworth wasn't in need of attention.

It seems like that perfect time was just in my imagination and would never happen, so I enlisted the help of Mr. Brigglesworth. While his brother and Mr. JCrew napped, he and I went upstairs to paint. He practiced his yoga moves without a paintbrush. I can't trust him just yet!

I used the same sample paint I had to paint the base of the table boards. I originally got two shades of green and a blue. 

It took me thirty minutes.

I created a cluster of trees first. Then the lake. The river was third and then I finished with more trees. I even got a little crazy with adding some rapids in the river! (I enjoyed white water rafting a lot!)

Hopefully the pattern is spread out enough for other configurations. If a track happens to go through a tree/bush, the train will survive. And a river can have a bridge over it.

After Little JCrew woke up, I was eager for him to see his new train table all finished.

He actually noticed the lake!! He immediately rubbed it!

He hopped right ON to the table and went to town. Good thing the table is really sturdy. I never thought I would allow him to sit on it, but it's easier for him to play on it this way.

YAY for getting this task off my to-do list. It was starting to haunt me.

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