Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Small Things

The world changes when you become a parent. Before your first baby is born, you have a thought that hits you... you will never be able to pee in private!

 This kid is forever yours. You aren't babysitting.

Cleaning with fireplace tools.

The thought of having two can be scary, as you wonder how your heart has room to love another. But your heart grows.

I look forward to waking up in the morning and spending that time talking to Little JCrew and watching him eat his breakfast.

I take pride in the little accomplishments. High five for clipped nails? Sure! Bathed babies? Hooray! Clean clothes? You bet!

The pride increases if the tasks include BOTH babies. It really does get me excited. (I just admitted to how strange I am)

Brother is almost the same size.

Caring for someone else, besides yourself, is an honor. I am so glad I was picked to be the momma to my sweet boys. I'm a happy mom.

Brother amused at the entertainment (fountain) his brother is providing!


  1. First of all, that last picture in the tub is HILARIOUS. Second, I'm so jealous of those rolls! Third, I totally get that sense of accomplishment, too. When both boys have eaten, pooped, had their teeth brushed, and have their day clothes on in teh morning, I feel like I should win a gold medal!

  2. Gold medal, for sure! There are certainly days that don't go so well, and it makes the days that do, so sweet!


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