Thursday, January 24, 2013

Split Personality

My love for projects and my need for cleanliness do not mix well.

Because of the dear and precious kiddos, my projects take a long time. But I can't blame them for all the delays. Some projects need "curing" times.

When I do projects now, I break it up into manageable phases. It helps feed my sense of accomplishment at the same time!

These phases mean there is a constant stack of stuff on my dining room table. Ever since we moved in, it has been my work bench.

But then my need for a clean table kicks in and I quickly try to put things away. It feels like I am always picking up after myself, the husband and the kids.

As much as I love my projects, I think I have to give them up. I try not to do projects while the kids are awake, but sometimes I get that itch to finish SOMETHING! Sometimes Little JCrew helps me.

I guess I have been trying to find a balance and I am getting "hints" that it is not working.

Being a working mom, I need to spend my extra time with my kids. Why can't I be a superhero with the power to not need sleep? Mr. JCrew would argue that I already possess that power.

Lately, I stay up after Mr. Brigglesworth's 330 AM feeding and get my projects or chores done then. I feel accomplished by breakfast time!

My life has never been dull. I have always found something to do in my spare time. While working full-time, I got my masters degree. When I completed that, I found a second, part-time job to fill in the time I had since my classes were done. I quit both jobs before moving to a different state and then filled my spare time with projects (and a new job)!

Having kids just filled up my time even more. I just love having stuff to do, and my boys provide that.

I don't think my projects and kids are competing for my attention. But I could be wrong, and I would hope someone would be upfront with me about it.

I love doing my projects but I don't want to sacrifice my time with them for it. I've even become less of a neat-freak since my boys came into my life. I've learned a messy house means a happy family!

So, that's where my split personality came from. I am naturally Type-A about everything, but kids don't allow for that kind a silliness! I've had to adapt and learn to let things sit and not be touched for days.

I never said it was EASY!!

- Lindsay

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