Friday, January 25, 2013

Nautical, Not Boats

Little JCrew’s room has been a fun one to put together. I went with a Nautical theme. This is not to be confused with a boat theme. 

There are only two boat objects in his room. It’s his painting of boats and a wire ship I got from Pottery Barn. It was my goal to decorate using things that are boat-related. I knew I could get tired of seeing so many boats in one room. The matching nursery themes go overboard in my opinion.

I linked the painting to let you know it is actually a poster! I bought the frame at Hobby Lobby and stapled the poster to it. There is no glass. That was a project I forgot I did.

I highly recommend I've gotten a few prints from there and was so impressed. They are posters of paintings for a fraction of what the real painting would cost.

Back to the room...

Every sailor needs a map.

Dock pillars to tie your boat to.

A pulley for the sailboat.

Fish that swim in the sea.

Lanterns to guide your way.

 Propellers to get over to big waves.

Sharks and Alligators.

The only thing I wanted, but don't have for this room was a boat rocker.

It was too pricey, but wouldn't it have been perfect?

And now we have a turtle shell that you find on the beach.

This is from Nate Berkus’ Target collection. I saw it and loved it, but didn’t know where it would go. I think I was on Little JCrew’s bed staring at the wall, when I found where I wanted to hang it. There was a perfect blank spot above his crib.

The crib originally had a mobile hanging in the center of the intials on the wall. Once that was removed there was a blank space.

The shell was a perfect fit. I might try to raise it a little and see what that looks like. Right now it looks okay, but everything on that wall looks like it's lined up to go to the cafeteria for lunch.

I think it's a great addition! It’s a SEA-turtle shell. (Grasping to make the idea work, eh?) 

What will be next to add to our nautical-theme?

I thought it was funny as I was linking the things in this room, how much of it is Pottery Barn inspired. I guess they do a lot of nautical  things I like. 

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