Friday, May 3, 2013

My Little Boys

Wow! How is it that Little JCrew is 20 months and Mr. Brigglesworth is 7 months? I’m trying to decide if I want to do a bigger than family birthday party for Little JCrew this year. He loves other kids and I think he’d really enjoy it. Sometimes I think the parties are just as much for the parents, too. Any reason to get together is a good excuse!

IMG_0596w (400 x 600)

At 20 months old, Little JCrew is a handful! We started potty-training a few days shy of him turning 19 months. (I promise to share details later.) That process brought on the terrible-two’s attitude! At times, he shows the attitude of a teenager! The other night, he threw his cup on the floor; as he does sometimes when he finishes it. I’m trying to get him out of the behavior so I sternly said he needed to ‘cut it out.’ He was in his room and I was standing outside in the hallway. He then proceeded to stand up, walk over to the door and close it. All the while, giving me this look of “I don’t want to talk to you right now.” We have “Latchy Catchy’s” on the door, so he can get the door back open without having to turn the knob.

IMG_0691 (400 x 600)

He didn’t open the door immediately, so I left and sat down in the living room. Not even thirty seconds later, he comes running out, has the biggest grin on his face and gives me a huge hug. He knows when he upsets Mom or Dad he has to follow up with a big hug! How can we get mad at him?


As far as developments, he’s doing good. He still doesn’t say much, but he understands a lot!! He FINALLY answered a question with the correct word. I showed him a ball and asked, “What is it?” He then said, “ball.” This was HUGE! We caught it on camera.


“What Is It?”

Disclaimer: He really liked the ball hitting him directly in the head. No harm was done to any children while making this video.

I can’t wait for the day he really starts talking. He’s on his own time. He just doesn’t like to be a puppet and repeat us. I just think it’s ironic that his first word was ‘ball.’ He’s a boy all the way!


Mr. Brigglesworth is growing! I feel like I just moved him into 9-month size clothes and I’m moving him up to 12-month size already. On Friday, I put on a 9-month pair of jeans and laughed because they were SKINNY jeans on him. He couldn’t even sit in them!


As far as developmentally, he is doing good, too. He sits on his own and plays with us on the floor. He can catch himself from falling over, which is good. I did this with Little JCrew too, but once they are sitting good, I put them through the grocery cart test. If they can sit in the cart without slumping by the end of the trip, then they are ready to move into the convertible carseat!


Mr. Brigglesworth liked sharing a seat next to his big brother, but I think that was because he wanted his brother’s cookie. He knows what food is and has never met a food he didn’t like. He stared at Little JCrew’s cookie and boo-hoo’d!


Mr. Brigglesworth got Little JCrew’s old carseat and Little JCrew got a new one.


It makes both of them look so grown up!

I can tell the adventures have only just begun. The brothers just adore each other and I’m hoping it lasts.


Have a wonderful Friday and a great weekend!

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