Monday, July 15, 2013

Turn What You Got Into A Potting Bench

I wanted to share my mom’s latest project. She put together a potting table with things she had around the house.

She pinned many different ideas and put them all together to create something she liked.

She started with her sewing table. 

She had two shelves with hooks that she was going to use. 

The only thing she had to buy was the window and one more little pot. The window was $12.

Each day I came over, something new had been done.

Holes were cut to sink the pots into.

The shelves were attached to the side.

A shelf was added below.

A shelf was added to the window.

Next up was to prime the piece before painting.

She wanted to leave the window as is, and match the color of the base to it. I gave her my samples I had used for the bedroom paint decision to see if any of those would work. I also handed over a stack of white paint swatches to help her chose a color.

She mixed two of my sample colors together. It looked great! 
Before the clear coat
But when she applied the clear finish to protect it outside, it changed the color drastically.

After the clear coat
The color goes with the exterior color of her house, so it still looks great!

She did a great job of distressing it.

I think it turned out great! Good job, Mom!

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