Thursday, December 12, 2013

Christmas Door Decorations

I am definitely in the Christmas spirit. My office is decorated so pretty.

Our building decided to have a door decorating contest. I knew of one group that was making BIG plans. I then started doing my own planning.

There are three people sitting in my office room. One has been overseas since August, but returned last week.

The other guy and I couldn't agree on a design. But I am happy with what we came up with together.

It started off slow. We didn't want to give it away.

I had to change our graphics to make the guys happy.

Then we added the finishing details.

I was so proud of my photoshop job of making the grinch wear a turban.

Our product that my room is concentrated on is a weapon system in a box. So we decorated the box as a present.

We added pictures of our product out in theatre. People liked looking at the pictures.

Now, there was a competition associated with this door decorating. Winner gets a pizza party! I have never seen so many doors that went over the top!

The team I was afraid of, bought a door from Habitat for Humanity and took their office door down.

They cut holes for a train to go through.

And they had Polar Express playing!

My boss's door was more of what I thought everyone would do.

The admins had pretty doors.

I really liked the International Director's door.

The engineers did not participate as much. What I did see, was very clever!

"Your Mistletoe is nothing compared to my TOW Missile."

Even the hunters had their decor up.

And the office next to me had a Duck Dynasty theme.

They put their boss's face on the door.

He was proud.

The lead engineer's assistant decorated her door to represent the whole engineering department.

She took all their pictures for her tree.

Some doors were simple.

Some doors went big.

Some offices liked to put funny pictures of our directors.

I liked our Business Chief's door. She always has a bowl of chocolate in her office. Her office was the chocolate shop. Everything was chocolate related.

It really was much better than having your normal Christmas party for work.

People were socializing more than they normally do.

It was great and made for a great day.

And even those that didn't decorate, had something funny to say.

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I hope this helped you get in the Christmas spirit, too!

- Lindsay

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