Thursday, December 5, 2013


The last two years I haven’t gone big on the Christmas decorations. And by big, I mean using more than just a Christmas tree and stockings. That’s been about the extent that I go for decorations recently. But when my family was in town, I used those extra hands to set up more than I usually do.

The Christmas tree remains bare. I have twinkling lights and that’s good enough for a one-year-old and a two-year-old.

I actually put out the Nativity Scene this year and of course, Little JCrew is all about it.

The decorations I used this year that I haven’t in the last ten years, was to display my nutcrackers!

I emptied a shelf in my dining room and placed my Nutcracker collection there.

I love that I found a place for them.

I have had this collection since I was in my first Nutcracker ballet production in 1992.

Toy Soldier - 10 years old

I started off as a toy soldier and a candy-cane my first year and worked all the way up to Sugar Plum Fairy by the age of 15.

Sugar Plum Fairy - 15 years old
Nutcracker was my passion! It became my identity. I didn’t know what a December would be like without Nutcracker rehearsals and performances.

It was a tradition for the whole family. My sister began helping backstage, as well as my brother. My dad would be an extra wherever they needed him and my mom would help, too.

Dew Drop Fairy

My sister even filled in as an on-stage role to carry me for the Arabian dance. That was a lot of fun.


Not only was my family there, but I had made a new family.

So much time at the dance studio, leaves you little time to hang out with school friends. I didn’t have close friends at school, and I was okay with that. I believe that is what kept me out of trouble.

Some of my closest friends today are my dance friends. We check up on each other and the bond is very special.

Seeing my Nutcracker collection brings back a lot of memories. I can remember when I got each one of them. Which was my first, all the way to the last. I even have two authentic German ones (Steinbach.)

Each company is different in their productions, but I am biased to say that I think our company had the best. There was something so different about it. I love the memories!

Clara - 13 Years Old

If I had had a girl, I'm sure I would be giving her the chance to experience the magic of the Nutcracker.


I would hope I could get my boys to appreciate it even if they don't dance.

Sugar Plum Fairy

There is something very magical about the Nutcracker. Guess it's time to pull out my DVD's and reminisce.

It feels good to display my Nutcrackers instead of them being in a box. I thought it would be too weird to have them all out, but it's not. I was afraid of nothing. Collections frighten me, but this is a special collection.

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  1. LOVE it! I love your Nutcracker mom has one too, but yours is extra special b/c of your Nutcracker dancing experience! I love how it became a tradition not just for you but for your whole family. And you know I love seeing your old dance pictures - just beautiful. I would love to watch your performances! Maybe you could play some at the cookie exchange on Sat? :) I'm trying very hard to get both my boys into the Nutcracker. We have the DVD, and Jude and I are going on Sat. to watch the student production. Winnie just doesn't have a choice. When she's old enough, she WILL be going with me every year, haha, so if for some reason, your boys don't end up liking it, you have a standing invitation to go with us every year!


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