Saturday, December 14, 2013


My tummy hurts! It’s a good hurt. 

Last weekend was full of cookies and sweets.

I made a Pumpkin Roll and I’m still eating it this week.

I love those things.

It was a normal cookie exchange, but I provided some non-cookie things to balance out the sugar.

I never get to hang with the ladies, and it’s hard to find babysitters, so we made it a playdate. The kids had sooo much fun. There were 15 of them!

We even had crafts to make and my boys have them displayed on our windows.

Haven’t figured out where to put our manger scene.

And while we had the chance, the moms got their picture taken.

You can tell the kids that love their momma’s! Except my children are swapped. Little JCrew is a Daddy’s boy. Mr. Brigglesworth was too busy being busy to notice what we were doing. Little JCrew was interested in the camera.

I love getting the kids together. Any excuse I can come up with, I will. Such a great group of kids. Thanks, Ladies!

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