Monday, December 16, 2013

O Christmas Tree, O Christmas Tree

I jumped on the train, a little late, but I’m on it!

I saw this idea many years ago and said I would do it when my kids were old enough. I could have done it last year, but I was still a sleep-deprived new momma and had no energy.

It wasn’t that hard. Maybe took me thirty minutes TOTAL!

I bought a yard of green felt in the fabric department and then got felt pieces in the craft department. Although, I just saw at Target last Friday that they have a felt tree in a box already ready to hang. It was $10, but they had a 50% off coupon. 

My fabric was 37 inches wide and I made an executive decision the tree would be four feet tall.

I’m a symmetrical gal and my shapes need to be near perfect. My tree would have four tiers (each 12 inches) and the top tier would be 12 inches wide. I then was looking for how wide the middle two layers needed to be. I wanted them to evenly and gradually get bigger.

I used a Magna Doodle from the toy basket to write my fancy calculations. Mr. JCrew jumped in and our brains work so differently. We both got the same answer, but we went around the pole in opposite directions.

I didn’t mean to, but my edges came out “edgey.” Went perfect with the look of branches on the tree.

I used a puzzle piece to cut out the ornaments, and a plate to get a curved line for the garland.

I then used Commmand Strips of Velcro to get the tree on to the wall. The boys LOVE it.

Little JCrew lined up most of the ornaments. My little organizer, melts my heart.

Mr. Brigglesworth loved it, too. I’m doing a daily count of the ornaments to make sure the little guy doesn’t make off with them and throw them away. (He is so good, too good, at throwing things away.)

Actually, I'm not having to watch Mr. Brigglesworth as much as I'm having to watch Kates! She pulls those ornaments right off. Her favorite are the green candycanes. If it's low, she just goes up to the tree and bites it off.

We already have a little tree the boys can’t touch, but now they have their own that they can mess up all day.

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