Friday, May 30, 2014

Spring Was Here

My yard is alive again, and I am REALLY going to miss it.

I planted my annuals and moved all my pots to get ready to take with me.

As I was planting the annuals, I knew the timing of their growth would be perfect with the timing of our move. I would get to see them pretty big and the new owner would walk into a beautiful yard!

The Heaven Scent Gardenias I planted before Mr. Brigglesworth was born did not make the winter. They have started to come back, but I planted annuals around them so the space wasn't so bare.

The yard has really come together. I find every reason to go outside or peak out the window.

Even when it storms, I think it is pretty.

I’ve learned a lot of lessons in this yard. Not every plant survived.

Dogwoods need shade

All my lessons I will take with me to the new house. I will have a new yard to design and grow. I plan to do it in phases like I did this house..

I have a plan, but I know that plan can change. Once with framing goes up on the house, I will be able to see what views I will have, and I will take advantage of those views. Just like I did in the kitchen. I think this is the best view.

The door is open and you are drawn to look outside.

The side window isn’t bad either. The trees give great privacy and they get to show of their flowers in the summer.



The new owner walked around and asked me to identify everything. I then sent him my yard layout that says exactly what each plant is. I’m glad I did that. I had already forgotten what type of azalea I planted two years ago. I have a good feeling the yard will be continued to be cared for.

One thing that will not remain with the house are Nana’s Iris’s.

Those have meaning and I can’t leave them behind. She gave them to me before Little JCrew was born. 

This yard really sold our house. The new owner even came over two weekends ago and told us he was positioning the bed differently so that he could take advantage of the view we created.

It's come a long way from this...

I'm glad to have enjoyed it all these years and excited to create a new one.

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