Friday, June 27, 2014

Chapter Closed - Key Turn Over Day

Today is the day. We hand over the keys to our house.

Last night we went and took a few photos of us as a family at the house. I wanted to remember what age the boys were when we moved.

We spent almost six great years in this house. I look back and smile at all the hard work.

Just within weeks, the Crape Myrtles decided to bloom.

Yuma Crape Myrtle
June 2, 2014

Yuma Crape Myrtle
June 24, 2014

The yard I am really going to miss. It just started getting easy and at the same time, was pleasant to look at.

Me being the sentimental type, I think of all the memories in the house.

Benjamin Moore Revere Pewter

Mr. JCrew came home from his Air Force service to this first house of ours. My parents lived in this house with us. Bailey is buried in the back yard. Colby and Kates were new puppies in this house. We brought home both of our babies to this house straight from the hospital. We had memorable birthday celebrations here and a lot of other moments we shared as a family.

I look at the curtains I made with pride.

Mr. Brigglesworth's curtains, you never could see until the furniture was removed.

His pallet wall remains up.

I have gotten use to seeing the rooms empty, that now it is weird to look back at pictures just three months ago.

June 2014
March 2014

The new owner is very very excited and you can tell. He loves the yard, but we'll see if he has a green thumb. I tried to make the yard as low maintenance as possible.

And I did take some plants with me. I'll write a post over the weekend about that.

This chapter has now closed! We had the next chapter overlapping, but now we can focus on it. I'm actually really excited to have no more little projects over there. I was making sure everything was PERFECT and I'd always find a new thing to fix or make better. Now my evenings and weekends can be spent doing other things, like soaking up more time with my boys!

Happy Day!

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  1. bitter sweet. happy for good memories and excited for new ones. love yall


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