Monday, September 15, 2014

New House Lighting

I shared the lighting I have already bought. I thought that was a lot already, as it is taking up space in the storage unit, but there is still so much more!!

I have at least picked them out with one or two that are not definitely, but placeholders.

1.        Home Depot - $50
2.       Home Depot - $50
3.       Shades of Light - $170
4.       Home Depot - $65
5.       Shades of Light - $299
6.       Home Depot - $104
7.       Lowes - $50
8.       Lowes - $63
9.       Lowes - $60
10.   LampPlus - $90
11.   Lowes  - $16
12.   Home Depot – 6pack - $65
13.   Home Depot - $21
14.   Lowes - $360
15.   Home Depot - $30
16.   Lowes - $45

The totals I put at the bottom of the pictures are the amount I need to purchase multiplied by the unit price. Even though I tried to keep the majority of lights at $50 each, it adds up!

I am excited about the placement of all of them. I wanted to add a fancy light to Mom’s and my closets, so I chose a semi-flushmount.

Closet Light

I could have gone fancier, but I’m on a budget and think these will be perfect. I actually already purchased these. They were on sale for 50% off and now they are back to their regular price. The regular price isn't bad, but a sale is always better.

The bathroom chandelier is similar to the one we had in the old house. Remember when I took it out of the kitchen, painted it white, and re-hung it in the bathroom? That was my favorite project. It’s hard to find a simple white chandelier, so I will be painting the new one white. I loved how it turned out the first time, so why not repeat it?

Bathroom Chandlier

The dining room chandelier is my splurge. I love it. It’s not too fancy, yet makes an impact. I wasn’t too fond of my last dining room chandelier, that I covered it up with a shade my dad and I made out of paint stir-sticks. I highly doubt this chandelier will ever get covered up.

The semi-flush I chose for the pantry is popular. I saw it and picked it out, and now I see it everywhere! (Fixer Upper on HGTV had it!) I plan to use it as a foyer kind of light in front of the doors that lead to the back yard and in front of the doorway to my mom’s living room. It’s a great way to bring focus to a certain spot.

I actually already bought these flush-mounts as well. I never got them on sale, but the stock supply was low in town. I got two at one store and then a month later picked up two at another store. Now, there are none with no plan to restock them. I really want one or two more, but I am still happy with the ones that I have.

I hope you’ve enjoyed looking at lights with me. Now to keep myself out of the lighting department and wait until we have a construction loan to help pay for this.

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