Sunday, June 28, 2015

Month 5 Metrics

The month of June has flown by. The invoices are coming in faster than once a month. The insulation, drywall and brick have completed since the last draw. 

For the last month, we have only had one rain day! And it was on a Sunday, when no one works. It has been nice, but it has been extremely hot. I was grateful, because the rain was not an issue while installing the brick on the exterior of the house.

Currently, we are about a month behind our original schedule and we are under budget. I am waiting to claim victory with the budget until we are officially complete. We have a lot left to do and you spend a lot of your budget in the last bit of the building process.

We have completed all the tasks we set out to accomplish, it just took us a little longer. The brick was delayed; the trim was delayed; and the inspections took longer than expected. Although some months we spend more, there are some months we spend less. It's kind of like how you go to the grocery store and spend so much one month because that month you ran out of a lot, but it means the next time you grocery shop, you spend less and get back on track.

I will say, staying under budget has taken an effort. It's a good practice to get many quotes. Some people can really be outrageous with their prices. I had budget goals that I knew could be achieved, but were not easy. I would almost lose hope when an estimate would be twice my budget, but then I would get excited when I got an estimate within or below.

Right now, it's my goal that we will be moving in around the third week of August. It's so close we can feel it and it's getting exciting. The trim (baseboards, interior doors, window & door casing, crown moulding) is almost complete... the wainscoting has not started and the remaining baseboard cannot be complete until the cabinets are installed (baths and kitchen).

We're almost there!

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