Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Month Six (and a half) Metrics

We are technically probably into Month 7, but I never posted Month 6, so this will cover both of them.

We were looking to be under budget for a while, but I knew the expenses were about to rack up and they have. A lot of areas we have gone under, but there were a couple surprises.

Where we went over budget this month:

1) Concrete - We spent WAY over what was budgeted for the concrete for porches, driveway and walkway. This also happened at the beginning with our foundation. It was just a bad estimate from our builder.

2) Landscaping - We have a large yard and it took more sod than we thought. We didn't go over by much, but enough to call it an overage.

3) Tile Labor - We had a guy no-show, so we found another one. However, the new tile guy was more expensive. We didn't have time to lose, so we went with him.

Because we have gone over in areas, we had to cut some things out. We decided to wait on:

1) Porch Railing - I made sure the drop was less than 36 inches to the ground so that an inspector wouldn't force us to put railing up.

2) Screen Porch - We can always add this later.

Our original closing date was way back in July. Now we are looking at early September. Areas where we got behind:

1) Framing - The original quote was six weeks to completely frame the house. It took twelve weeks.

2) Brick - The original quote was "Two weeks, easy." We ran out of brick and it also ended up taking four weeks. We only lost a couple days for running out of brick.

3) Trim Labor - Our trim carpenter only worked four hours a day, so it took him four weeks instead of two. The stairs also took longer than expected.

4) Painters - Although the painters were quick, it was hard to get them to show up. Once they showed up, they were lightening fast.

We have had some great contractors that make the experience enjoyable. They come out when they say they will and the price is what they originally said it was.

Our original timeline was always October 1st and we will definitely make that deadline. We have done pretty well for building a custom home that hasn't been done before. It's not like a production house where the same floorplan is done many times. This is completely custom and we are only seven months in. 

Month Eight will be here soon, and I am hopeful to say we will be complete then! About four more weeks!

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