Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Lighting Installed

I was very anxious to get electricity into the house. Before doing so, the electricians had to come back, install the plugs and switches and install the light fixtures. No wires could be bare.

Since the painting on the walls was not complete, we could not hang the wall-mounted light fixtures. I actually really wanted to incorporate lights on the walls because it is not done often enough. So besides bathroom vanity lights, there are a couple in other places.

To get the inspection to pass, the electricians put up basic bulbs and fixtures so they could test the connections.

I had bought those to use in the attic, so when Mom saw them, she told the electricians it was wrong. I thought I had explained what they’d be doing in order to pass inspection, but she forgot.

Now, I bought these fixtures over a year ago! I documentedit last year on the blog. Over 70% of them did NOT come with bulbs! I headed to Costco and bought a ton of LED bulbs. I needed regular and candelabra.

It saved, but it was still a lot! We needed the bulbs so that the electricians could test the connections. The bulbs I got for the garage fluorescent did not work! 9 out of 10 were bad. They had been dropped and the pins on the end were damaged. They were returned and we got a new set. Fortunately, they all worked.

For the plugs in the cabinets, they were covered with a faceplate. Cabinets in the kitchen have not yet been installed, so there are wires for the microwave and outlets on the island that needed to be covered up.

Now onto the fixtures themselves. I am SOOOO happy with them all. I watched for them all to go on sale. Some are Pottery Barn, but they were on sale and were my only splurge items. There were lots of lights I found I liked at expensive stores, but I could find their “cousin” for much cheaper.
For instance, I wanted a semi-flush mount for the closets. Something to dress up my closet and my mom’s. I found this one at Restoration Hardware.

I bought the cousin at Lowes. And not only was it $134 cheaper, I bought it when they offered it 50% off! So I got them for $22.

Same goes with the flushmount I used in the kitchen. I was really struggling with what to put there. I wanted to highlight the “foyer” areas with certain lights and keep the attention there. Kind of like “EXIT” signs you see in commercial buildings. Not tacky like that, but serves as a note to say, “Here is a door!”

I found a cool light also at Lowes by the Allen Roth Collection.

It was expensive for me, but then I saw its cousin at Restoration Hardware for $359. I then felt a smidge better for what I got it for.

The fans I got off of They are Hunter brand with a single globe light piece. I am normally not one to like this type. In the last house, we had the individual bulbs. But Mom really pushed to have single globe, so I caved. And I am glad I did. I really like them!

The front foyer light is my favorite!! It is from Pottery Barn.

It also hangs over the kitchen island, but can’t be installed until the island is here so they are centered correctly.

Back when I bought them, the floorplan accommodated a single light at Mom’s porch foyer, so I bought a fourth lantern pendant to hang there. But when our final plans came, there was no spot for it. So, I ended up highlighting Mom’s corner of the house with the pendant in front of her bedroom door.

Not a place you would typically see a hanging pendant, but I really like it. Mom’s corner is turning out to be my favorite place in the house, and it’s not even done yet!

I was nervous about these pendants. Online, they looked great. I knew they were large, but didn’t know how they would compare to the space. Then I was disappointed when they arrived. The chain they came with was a diamond pattern. I didn’t care for that. Luckily, The pendants are hung high enough, that there is less diamonds so your eye is not drawn to them. I would not have designed a diamond chain for that light.

I bought one of Young House Love’s globe lights from Shades of Light. It goes in the playroom.

It’s currently hung high and until all work is done.

The other flushmounts that I have, I really like! And I was so tickled to see them used in many of Joanna Gaines Fixer Upper episodes.

I put two of them in Mom’s porch foyer and in other foyers. They are my “EXIT” signs.

My all-time favorite light piece I was excited about was the dining room chandelier. Jojo also used this in her fixer upper house. I love Jojo’s style, so when I saw her use the flushmounts, chandelier and barstools I had purchased, I knew I was on the right track to creating something I really like.

The chandelier is from Lowes. It’s not in stores but on their website. I also purchased it when it went on sale, and then stored it under the boys’ train table. It was a perfect fit.

The exterior lights are simple. The porches have flushmounts.

The glass actually mimics that of the window in the laundry room.

I studied other homes in the area to see if I wanted sconces to flank the exterior doors, or not. The more I looked, I really liked how porches looked when the light came from the ceiling.

The back courtyard does have wall mounted sconces. I really like them.

And the matching big-brother version is on the garage door side of the house.

I didn’t put lights on the outside of the garage doors because I plan to put bushes there. I again, was copying another house as inspiration. They only had two lights and it provided plenty of illumination.

We got power turned on to the house on Monday, August 10th. This is temporary power. We had to have electrical, plumbing and HVAC inspections to get power turned on. Then we went to the City Utility Company to pay a deposit and request power. Took them three days to come out.

First thing I did was test all the lights. Some are not coming on.

Our electricians will have to come back out to fix missed connections and hang the wall-mounted lights.

I then went back over at night to see how the house looked with lights.

I love it! This is dangerous because I can now work at night with the light. Mr. JCrew is never going to see me (because I will always be at the house working!)

Everything really does look good. Our builder warned us that we will see a lot of imperfections, especially in drywall, once the lights are turned on. I haven't looked closely, but I haven't noticed.

The lighting really was my favorite update. I’ve always said lighting can add so much character. The house is starting to feel like a home.


  1. oh i am so excited for you guys. it is all coming together so great. i love it all. good choices. i have been stalking your blog for updates. so glad when i found this one.

    1. There are about to be a lot of updates. I've finally had time to write all about it and edit pictures. It's so close!! We are ready to celebrate!


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