Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Is Spring Here Yet?

We had some tolerable, cold weather over the weekend that was a nice break from the cold-cold stuff. But it has my itching to get back outside. Little JCrew helped me pick some weeds. We're finding all kinds of reasons to get outside after months of being locked up because of the cold and rain.

There's so much I am looking forward to this Spring. I always love watching the plants come back to life. I'm especially anxious for some experiments I did in the yard.

The type of Begonia’s I got last Spring were my favorite. They were HUGE! 

April 2012
July 2012

I purposefully did not dig them up during the Fall, and now they look like this:

January 2013

I did cut them down to help them come back in the Spring.

January 2013

That’s what I’m hoping for. I dug up the Vinca’s that were in that same spot last year and a few came back in the Spring. Some Annuals can come back. I’m hoping these Begonia’s will. I don’t remember the variety they were and I want the same exact ones. I have high hopes that they will sprout back up.

Can you tell I’m anxious for Spring? I divided those Iris and spread them all over in August, so I’m excited to see how they’ll look this year. 

Spring is just around the corner!

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