Monday, January 13, 2014

Staging the House for Selling

Alright... we are on Operation: Sell This House. If you just happen to be at my house while I'm cleaning, I just might give you something. Trying to de-clutter the house is no joke. Last weekend, I sent all the kids' big toy items to live over at Mimi and Poppa's house. Mom says it feels like Chuck-E-Cheese at her place now.

Play Kitchen in our Dining Room
But I am SO thankful that she is allowing me to keep their big toys over there. They still get to play with them while I don't have them taking space in the house.

The dining room looks totally different without the play kitchen in there.

Dining Room Now

And if you're the observant type, you'll notice more things missing from the dining room. The chandelier shade was taken down. I didn't want viewers to think it was permanent. I used it to cover the chandelier I didn't like. Maybe someone else likes the chandelier and not the shade.

Dining Room - July 2013
The red chairs that I had in the dining room got moved to the Bonus Room upstairs.

Red Chairs back in 2012
Not bad and don't take up much room.

Red Chairs 2014

The red chairs have had many homes. They were chairs that went with the table I have currently in the kitchen, and were from my childhood. I made cushions out of pillows for them back in 2009. They've always lived behind the couch, but when I moved the sofa table to the foyer, they were re-homed to the dining room.

This little nook looks different, too.

There use to be a table behind it that I kept the boys' toys on. Even though it was skinny, it took away the feeling of space. It feels bigger now.

And that table was moved to the upstairs bathroom!

That bathroom is bigger than you expect. It's big enough to put a table in there!

The table use to be my foyer table. When I moved the sofa table to the foyer after its makeover, I moved the foyer table to the living room.

Foyer Table 2010
I was originally taking the chairs and table upstairs to put in the attic, but while I was there, I wondered if I could place them somewhere functional.

While I was up there, I de-cluttered the toy shelves.

To me, it's not functional, but magazines do it all the time.

And if I've caught you off guard... we're moving! I made a tab on here for how we are selling our house. Last year we bought a lot in our current neighborhood. The deal was too good to pass up. How everything lined up and worked out was definitely through God's hands. Even if we didn't build on it, we could turn around and sell it.

We are in the process of selling our house and then we will begin building our new one. The new house will be for both my family and my parents. Once we have moved them in, we will work on selling their house (also, in the same neighborhood.) Currently, we are in the very beginning phase of design. We have a budget to stick with and that is currently guiding us. I'm very excited. I will definitely be keeping you up to date on each process. May 2014 be a great year!


  1. Wow, big changes! Good luck with everything. You know we'll be praying for everything to go smoothly!

  2. You've done a great job staging your house! Some sellers find it hard to decorate their house, but in your case, you seem so sure of what to do. I'm sure your prospective buyers will love everything your place. Anyway, putting up your house on an online list is a great idea. Since most buyers are finding their options online, you'll have greater chance of closing the deal as soon as possible. Good luck on your real estate venture! :)

    Steve Jamieson @ Remax-Crest-Vancouver-BC

    1. Thank you, Steve. We're excited to find a new owner for our home that loves it like we do.

  3. This is it then, huh ? Heheh. Look into your property as observantly as possible, and make sure that you lay out all the pertinent assets and details for valuation. Then, keep track of where the market is veering, and the situation in general, so that you'd know and ascertain your way in, and really make the best possible sale that you can manage.

    Blair @ Creb Now

    1. Thank you for your insight, Blair. We may have over-updated our home. The updates may not add "value" but they at least set us apart from competition.


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