Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Top 12 Things I Want My Son to Know - #8

This is day 5 of a 12 part series (I hope!) to highlight the main things I want my son-to-be to know. Some will be silly, some will be serious. I just want to write it down for me and for him- and for your entertainment, of course.

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#8 We Are From The South
Your Mimi and Poppy are from Jackson, Mississippi. They moved to Florida after they got married. Some people don't think Florida qualifies as a Southern state because it is such a mix of retired folk from all over the country, but your Mimi and Poppy kept the South alive in our family.
Below are a few Southern Etiquette tips I'll remind you of. You're not perfect, so I don't expect everything.
-          In the South, you respect your elders no matter if they are related or not. Call them Mr. or Mrs.
-          The boys ask girls out on dates.
-          Boys take their hats off indoors and while saying the Pledge to the American Flag or while praying.
-          Write "Thank You" notes. It's more of a girl thing to do, but at the bare minimum, we'll have you write your family.
-          Keep Your Word. If you commit to something, follow through. If you signed up for a season of baseball, finish the season. If you told someone you would be there for them, you have to follow up on what you promised.
-          Chewing gum makes you look like a cow chomping on grass. If you must chew gum, keep your mouth closed.
-          Chew with your mouth closed when eating meals or snacks. We don't want to see what your food looks like before you swallow. It will make us lose our appetite. Plus, your Aunt Logan HATES the sound chewing with a mouth open makes. Smacking your food is not a pleasant sound.
-          Everything is monogrammed in the South. You already have a lot of things with your name or initials on them. I couldn't help it!
-          Gentlemen will open doors for ladies, offer their seat to them, stand when a woman enters the room and offer their arm when going up or down steps.  A Gentleman will never use foul language in front of women and children, or discuss improper topics in front of them.
-          Do not interrupt someone that is talking or is on the telephone. If you need me or your dad and we are on the phone or talking, get our attention with eye contact or quietly. We will then ask to be excused while we tend to your need. If you yell at us, we just might ignore you!
-          Offer guests in your home something to drink.  Don’t keep insisting. Offer once and if they decline then they can ask if they change their mind later. Be hospitable, but not pushy.
-          Things move slow in the South. Let someone with fewer items at the grocery store to go in front of you. Don't be in a rush. Don't cut someone off entering or exiting a building because you were in too big of a hurry.
-          Family is important to Southerners, probably more so than to others. Stand by your family.  The bonds you have with family are such that no matter what, you will always have them.

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