Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Baby B's Sewing Project

You may remember with Little JCrew that I made quite a few onesies for him.

 I will be able to reuse those onesies, except for the ones with a "w" on them.

My sister took some great photos while she visited after Little JCrew's birth, and I wanted to have the same outfits for Baby B to take photos in. So, I created some onesies with the letter "b" on them.

I was resourceful and pulled out white onesies I already had from Little JCrew and used the same fabric too. However, I wanted a different color for Baby B's letter. So, I used some left over fabric from my camera strap project and also from the pillowcase project.

I use iron-on adhesive to get the letters on the onesie, then I stitch it on there.

Stitching gives it that final touch.

Oh, and I also created matching shirts for the boys to wear in the hospital. Little JCrew already has one "Big Brother" shirt that he used to make the announcement, but I thought this was cute too. It's a simple iron-on patch from Hobby Lobby.

Now all I have to do is order boxers for Baby B just like Little JCrew's for more pictures.

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