Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Attitude Changer: Quote #13

In these related posts, I am sharing quotes from a wonderful book called, “Lead the Field’ by Earl Nightingale.

In summary, the book talks about your attitude. It determines your actions, as well as the actions of others. Mr. Nightingale takes our lame excuses for NOT being successful and refutes them all.

Today’s Quote: “Your use of language is the one thing you cannot hide.”

Mr. JCrew is on a book-buying kick. His latest purchase is "Verbal Advantage." It’s a vocabulary audio book. I think the above quote is what motivated him to get it.

Knowledge is a ladder that enables you to climb to the top. A person should begin with his language and then proceed to study his general area of interest. It is our ability to use our language that will determine our place on the social pyramid.

Knowledge of the exact meanings of a large number of words accompanies outstanding success. Improve your vocabulary and you will improve your income. When you learn one new word you actually add several of their buddies. An understanding of our language is the key to study, learning and everything else. Language more than anything else determines the extent of our knowledge. The more words we know and can properly use, the more knowledge we have. Acquire books that will enable you to increase your vocabulary and improve your English usage. Reading just fifteen minutes a day will enable you to read one half book a week, two a month, twenty four a year; over one thousand books in fifty years.

In Florida, students take the SAT’s as their college entrance exams. In Alabama, I think they focus more on the ACT’s. I’m not sure, but once the kids are in high school, I’ll be much more aware. My SAT’s scores were fine, but I was weak in reading comprehension. One of my first summer jobs was at Silver Springs Park. They rotated our locations in the park, but whenever I’d be stuck in the cart selling crackers to feed the Giraffes, I had my vocabulary book and flash cards with me. I was not much of a reader. I only read the books on the summer assignment list. I was a doer and wouldn’t sit on my butt long enough to read. I thought it was boring. But I will say that when I do read a book, I usually learn a word or two. J My mom taught me a trick of keeping a notebook with me while I read. When I’d come to an unfamiliar word, I’d write it down in the notebook. I’d later look it up and write the definition beside it in my notebook. I was creating my own dictionary of words I was interested in.

I always thought reading made you a better speller, too. Maybe that was just me since I’m a visual learner. Once I saw it on paper, I remembered how to spell it.

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